June 10, 2020

New release by Odella - "My Shiny Car".  2 minutes for advertising, comedy, etc.  Check it out here, and here:  https://soundcloud.com/susan-odella/my-shiny-car


June 7, 2020

Listen to this powerful, uplifting and positive song at these locations:




May 30, 2020

Check it out and purchase here from Spotify, Amazon, Apple, etc.  https://ffm.to/thesoundofsilence?fbclid=IwAR1ilfUar9vOazplgechtwles5YlQhZCFa2QJPnmGwIQ1CNOmF_NlNKYFno


April 21, 2020

Excited about this!  I just signed a contract for my cover of "The Sound of Silence" with my vocals and the production by Brooklyn, New York Producer G for digital distribution and sync. licensing!

Soundcloud link:  https://soundcloud.com/susan-odella/sound-of-sile...

March 31, 2020

"TO LOVE" - Just released by Odella, Featuring Ivory Lee!!  Check out this new electronic R&B/Pop tune today!  https://soundcloud.com/susan-odella/to-love



March 8, 2020

A new release by Odella, of Minnesota, and Alex Apolin, of Prague!  A beautiful country song with a great male vocalist!  Check it out here:

https://www.odellamusiccomposer.com and https://www.broadjam.com/songs/susanodella/someone-to-miss-me-alex-a-s-odella

February 11, 2020

 New Release today - "Breathless" by Odella, featuring Jamaican Artist Imar Shephard!!  Can be heard here:  https://www.odellamusiccomposer.com


December 15, 2019

"I Looked Up To" - ODELLA (Featuring Derek Charles Johnson) will be released to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major distributors on 12/27/2019!  Check out this inspirational song at this site (https://www.odellamusiccomposer.com).  "Derek Charles Johnson is a Christ-fo...

December 4, 2019

"WHO YOU ARE" - A positive and uplifting Pop, or Children's Song, with a happy beat and wonderful female vocalist!!  Check it out on this site, or here:  https://soundcloud.com/susan-odella/who-you-are

October 23, 2019

A dynamic remix of the Flava Hype/Odella song, "Ridin' On It" has just been released!  It was remixed by Tom Carlisle of Chicago, who has done remixes of Rihanna's "RockStar", has worked with Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, and other artists.  You can hear it at this site, and...

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